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  • A playful  multi blend of tye dye and Wax Print .  Asymmetric cutouts and overlaps bounces off whimsical  vibes .

  • Diamond, denoted by the chemical symbol C, is the toughest mineral identified. In Ghana’s Twi language, this valuable gemstone is referred to as d3nky3mmo), which brings to mind notions of affluence, clarity, and flawlessness.

  • A classic straight cut  silhouette shift dress . The pleating adds a touch of dimension and visual interest without overwhelming the overall simplicity , whereas the pockets are always a great addition to any garment.


    A Structured tailored lapel  jacket . Brocade  statement Detaling on lapel and back .

  • Fugu is a traditional cloth that originates from the northern part of Ghana; often stripped and used to make local garments . Our inspiration for this tye dye dress draws inspiration from that.

  • Stylish  jacket with metal zip and tye dye facing

  • Gold is an elemental substance represented by the symbol Au, which has its roots in the Latin word aurum. In Ghana’s Twi language, it is referred to as SIKA K))k), evoking notions of opulence, nobility, and prosperity.

  • The  structured  sleeveless bodice of the hessi dress   merges just  at  the right angle allowing the rich cotton lace bottom to flow with ease .

  • Girl next door  tiered midi dress with cut out in front .

  • Playful and certainly versatile . The minimalist  tye dye  motif guides us through our silhouette  pick for this  asymmetric skirt.  Paired with a  crop  top in perfect unison.

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    Playful and versatile  crop  top paired with  asymmetric midi skirt with metal hook belt .

  • Playful multi print skirt with sequenced Detaling .  Style from day to night .